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10.02.2007 - Video Update
Marek the socklover in high resolution videos
Marek, 25 years from Berlin-Charlottenburg

Role: versatile, bi
Heigth, Weight: 179 cm, 70 kg
Cock: 16 x 5 cm
Hobbies: music, sport, fashion
Places to meet in Berlin: Connection, Busche

Vote: 6.89
now online: Marek
09.23.2007 - Video Update
Marc B.
Marc B., 28 years from Berlin-Schoeneberg

Role: Passive, Gay
Heigth, Weight: 180 cm, 67 kg
Cock: 18 x 5 cm
Hobbies: Sports
Places to meet: TUS

Vote: 5.55
now online: Marc B.
09.03.2007 - Video Update
The one with the cucumber: The Berlin-Male classics is now available in high resolution video. Enjoy Norman and his homemade toy!
Norman, 22 Years from Berlin-Lichtenberg

Role: versatile, gay
174 cm, 65 kg
Cock: 18 x 4,5 cm
Hobbies: Collecting DVDs, PC
Places to meet: Kino International, Busche

Vote: 6.23
now online: Norman
08.22.2007 - Video Update
Rick Belour
Download the hot videos of Rick in high resolution!
Rick Belour, featured by Berlinmale

Role: versatile, gay
179 cm, 64 kg
Cock: 19 x 5 cm
Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Travelling
Places to meet: Gym, Disco

Vote: 8.07
now online: Rick Belour
08.15.2007 - Video Update
Alex + Ricardo
Enjoy the hot fucking in higher resolution videos now.
Alex + Ricardo, 24 and 27 years from Madrid and Berlin

Alex: versatile, bi
183 cm, 75 kg
Cock: 19 x 5 cm
Ricardo: gay, active
182 cm, 65 kg
Cock: 19 x 7 cm
Vote: 5.61
now online: Alex + Ricardo
08.07.2007 - Video Update
Vincent + Hector
Vincent and Hector fucking the doll - now in high resolution video - enjoy!
Vincent + Hector, Best jerkoff buddies

Both: straight, active
Vincent: 19 years, Cock 20 x 6
Hector: 29 years, Cock 20x5,5
Frequents: Knaak-Club, Aldente, Geburtstagsclub

Vote: 6.90
now online: Vincent + Hector
08.02.2007 - Video Update
Video in high resolution
Enjoy the videos of Darian in high resolution.
Darian Hawke, featured by Berlinmale

Role: gay, active
175 cm, 58 kg
Cock: 18 x 4,5 cm
Hobbies: Film, Photography, Comics
Frequents: Berghain, Zum schmutzigen Hobby

Vote: 7.04
now online: Darian Hawke
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