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If you have any technical problems with the site, please check the following aspects: In 90% of all the cases a firewall is responsible for problems with the site. If you use a firewall please switch off the option "privacy" (or similar, depending on the browser).

Please activate Java and Java-script. The navigation and several other features depend on the use of these languages.

AOL / T-Online User:
The AOL browser does not support several neccessary features. Please start a version of the Internet Explorer.

Videos: To play the videos you need a version of MS Media Player. This software offers a very good compression rate and high quality of the pictures. You can download the current version here.

Problem: Windows XP Firewall is active for all internet connections by default.
  • Windows xp activates it's software firewall for every new internet connection
  • this prevents the browser to submit data that verifies you as a member of the site
The solution:
  • deactivate the software firewall temporarily
  • click: start menu> einstellungen > system steuerung, double click network connections icon
  • right click on the standard connection and select configure
  • select "enhanced" and disable the internet firewall

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