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18 years from Manchester

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Troy, 18 years from Manchester
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Troy, 18 years from Manchester
Troy Details

Role: versatile, gay
5'9", 132 lbs
Cock: 7"
Hobbies: shopping
Frequents: shopping malls
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 7455 (03.25.2012 05:02) - pclotzie wrote:
Oh got so ein glatter Aal, wie kann man diesen Angeln??? Beim verzehren würde ich diesen anfangs ganz langsam in den Rachen lassen!! Und dann???

entry 6841 (02.11.2011 14:29) - christian wrote:
hi erst mal von mir bin der chris u, wurde dich mal kennen lernen!

entry 6803 (01.17.2011 19:09) - janeck wrote:
du hast ein echt schönes Tattour auf den Rücken

entry 6712 (11.11.2010 01:54) - janeck wrote:
in dich könnte man sich glatt verlieben

entry 6654 (10.18.2010 17:23) - mario wrote:
das ist einer der ganz wenigen models die einen auf anhieb gefallen.

entry 6584 (09.10.2010 21:39) - Stephan wrote:
I can´t believe that he has such a low rating, He is beauty in his most natural form. He has such a flawless skin that it is almost surrealistic and he is so cute that the cutest puppy looks ugly compared to him. Not to mention his nice, big dick that is shooting Troy´s heavenly cream... Troy, you´re something special...

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