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Darian Hawke
featured by Berlinmale

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Darian Hawke, featured by Berlinmale
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Darian Hawke, featured by Berlinmale
Darian Hawke Details

Role: gay, active
175 cm, 58 kg
Cock: 18 x 4,5 cm
Hobbies: Film, Photography, Comics
Frequents: Berghain, Zum schmutzigen Hobby
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 5516 (01.08.2009 22:28) - David wrote:
What a lovely butt he has!! I like his bodily red ginger hair and his veiny dick. mmmm.

entry 4818 (03.20.2008 19:07) - Stephen! wrote:
Well it is nice spotting you on the internet again, it´s been a while since your Eurocreme days. If you want to update your first interview with me from those days give me a buzz to my e-mail! Hope all is well in the Fatherland!

entry 4572 (12.20.2007 08:33) - larry wrote:
Darian I would love to be there for those twice daily wanks..... of course if I was there would be not wanks. Just a very satisfied yank and hopefully and satisfied Darian. Wanted to suck up that cum off of your body like a hoover. Lets see more of you here on berlinmale... thank you

entry 4328 (10.04.2007 14:49) - Dominik wrote:
Whow, Darian ist mit Abstand eines der geilsten Models hier. Aufgrund seiner Hammer Austrahlung, seinem süßen Gesicht, seinem unglaublich tollen durchtrainierten Körper und natürlich seinem riesigen Schwanz, an dem ich auch gerne mal saugen würde.^^

entry 4093 (08.12.2007 16:01) - morboso wrote:
Here´s why you are rated a 10. . . . .

What a horny bloke! Your natural, unaffected sexiness is a major turn-on. Totally get what you mean about tensing your body when you´re wanking, gobbing on your cock and enjoying the sensation of pre-cum. I

Intelligent, sensitive but with a really horny, dirty vibe subtly coming through. Nice tight, neat body. Like your stance when you´re proudly wanking your big, hard cock.

All this with your sexy attitude makes you a really horny, laddish bloke. Really compelling the way that your eyes, facial expression and posture can make you look really sleazy, hard and super-confident but, at the same time, with glimpses of sensitivity shining through.

Would love to see you having a good, long, hard wank session dressed in skinhead gear (I´m sure you´ve seen those Berlin gay skin lads - miles hornier than in London, looking really sexy - as would you). 24 - or even 30 - hole cherry red DMs, tight bleachers showing off your big packet and tight arse, red or white braces, close-fiting Fred Perry polo shirt to show off your neat shape, chain, denim jacket, MA1. You´d be into that? You´d look well dirty and sexy, playing with your big dick while it´s still inside your tight bleachers, getting rock hard so you can feel how big your cock is as it strains against the denim, feeing the steel of your cockring, knowing that you look the business, letting a bit of pre-cum show through, then pulling out your big hard knob to give yourself a really heavy duty wank. You´d be the horniest fucker, ´specially looking at yourself, admiringly in a full-length mirror. You´d look well horny, mate. Reckon you´d also easily carry off a sleazy rubber , skater or suited look.

It´s cool the way gradually build up the intensity. Lighting up makes you look like a well sexy hard lad. Smoking during sex - solo or otherwise- is a major turn-on . Excellent wank - came 3 times.
I gotta get to Berlin
berlin-male answered: thanx for this awesome comment :)

entry 4062 (08.05.2007 00:58) - eddie wrote:
you are awesome, I want you so bad.

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