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27 years from Berlin-Friedrichshain

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Leo, 27 years from Berlin-Friedrichshain
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Leo Video, 27 years from Berlin-Friedrichshain
Leo Details

Role: versatile, gay
Heigth, Weight: 176 cm, 63 kg
Cock: 17 x 6 cm
Hobbies: architecture, foto + film
Places to meet: fitness studio, pub, theater
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 8003 (01.10.2015 19:41) - Michael wrote:
Leo had it all - angelic blue eyes, sticky-out ears, a delectably smooth Greek sculpture physique, callipygian bum-cheeks, and prodigious coming. Where or where is he now - I will bet any money that at 37 he still smoking hot and could make me have multiple orgasms!

entry 4683 (01.25.2008 13:36) - matthias wrote:
Hallo Leo, Du hast einen strammen Schwanz. Wenn Du dein geiles Rohr bei mir in den Asch stecken würdest, würde ich bestimmt explotieren.

entry 3041 (10.15.2006 11:56) - Jim wrote:
Well, saw the videos. They were OK. Came twice :-)

entry 2840 (08.28.2006 21:12) - Jim wrote:
Leo was great. Really good choice of underwear:-). And he came loads :-)-: Can't wait to see the video!!!! Wish he came while I was pumping him ;-)

entry 225 (12.18.2004 16:18) - Stefan wrote:
"Blaue Beule", schön und gut, überhaupt sehr geil der ganze Kerl. Aber diese blauen Augen sind sensationell!

entry 86 (11.02.2004 09:19) - bluejeansfan wrote:
leo ist mein favorit hier. ihn würd ich auch gern kennenlernen und seine blaue beule genießen.also leo,wenn du mut hast,mail mich an. gruß