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Marcel + Goran
26 and 24 years from Berlin

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Marcel + Goran, 26 and 24 years from Berlin
video clips
Marcel + Goran Video, 26 and 24 years from Berlin
Marcel + Goran Details

Role: versatile, gay
Heigth, Weight: 176 cm, 63 kg
Cock: 18 x 5 cm
Hobbies: dancing, cruising
Places to meet: KitKatClub, "Mauerpark"

Role: versatile, gay
Heigth, Weight: 178 cm, 70 kg
Cock: 15 x 5 cm
Hobbies: tennis
Places to meet: fitness studio
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 3429 (01.31.2007 05:37) - Ali Mustafa wrote:
you are soooooo hot! I want you!! Both of you!!! Now!!!!

entry 3292 (12.21.2006 23:59) - John wrote:
The guys are cute but the image quality is low and the angles are somtimes twisted. Still worth a look - nice kissing scenes.

entry 3257 (12.09.2006 15:29) - John wrote:
Very nice two boys. Pitty we do not get to see more action in the pictures... Still worth several wanks :-)

entry 3071 (10.21.2006 12:58) - tum wrote:
can we meet forrrrrrrrrrrrrr

entry 2539 (06.27.2006 23:40) - John wrote:
I want your cocks in my mouth, send me some pictures of your cocks as at the moment it only a dream, wannna meet up?

entry 2329 (05.19.2006 13:14) - Bernd wrote:
Ich wichse mir meinen Schwanz bei diesen göttlichen Männern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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