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21 Years from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

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Nicholas, 21 Years from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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Nicholas Video, 21 Years from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Nicholas Details

Role: straight, active
182 cm, 69 kg
Cock: 17 x 5 cm
Hobbies: Sports, Fitness
Places to meet: Pfefferberg, Biergarten
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 2662 (07.21.2006 02:27) - Rod wrote:
Hi Nicholas.You are a wonderful guy & you have a great muscular body you are a great incredibly hansomely hot sexy guy.I love your smile.You make me hot for you.I love it when you cum on the couch

entry 2580 (07.04.2006 08:42) - Rod wrote:
To Nicholas.Your some hunk & hot sexy & attractive guy.I go the the way out for you man.I love watching your videos.

entry 2534 (06.27.2006 20:53) - Rod wrote:
Hey Nicholas you are some real guy.Rod

entry 2531 (06.27.2006 00:08) - Rod wrote:
Hey Nicholas.How it going.I live in canada.I like u.U have a great smile &I like it.Rod

entry 2523 (06.25.2006 02:36) - Rod wrote:
Hey Nicholas.How it going with you today.I am very interested in you.I say you have a great body Nicholas.Rod

entry 2504 (06.23.2006 07:42) - dee wrote:
you are the HOTTEST guy on here...Ive never seen Euro men...Im coming from the US soon and youre on my list...sweet Jesus! YUMMM! Im HOT too!