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Gabriel & John Rey
29 and 26 years from Madrid

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Gabriel & John Rey, 29 and 26 years from Madrid
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Gabriel & John Rey, 29 and 26 years from Madrid
Gabriel & John Rey Details

Gabriel - Role: versatile, gay
5'8", 143 lbs
Cock: 8"
Hobbies: dancing, gogodancing, fitness
Frequents: GMF, Berghain

John Rey - Role: versatile, gay
5'9", 147 lbs
Cock: 7"
Hobbies: dancing, fitness, traveling
Frequents: GMF, Berghain
We produce our exclusive content for this site in Berlin. Most of our Guys have never been in front of a Cam before. Some are straight, others gay or bi.

We'd be happy to see you inside. Enjoy.

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entry 5930 (10.15.2009 03:54) - schoenerman wrote:
ich kann nur sagen, ihr seid ganz den besten! Ausgezeignet!

entry 5745 (05.17.2009 14:06) - pit wrote:
ich habe euer vido immer und immer angesehen ,ihr leg den besten fick ab das ist richtg geil

entry 5702 (04.15.2009 14:27) - großer wrote:
einfach nur geil

entry 5671 (03.18.2009 20:13) - pit wrote:
ich sehe euer video immer an ihr reitet euch wirklich schön es ist eines der schönsten geil

entry 5670 (03.18.2009 14:23) - nodus wrote:
****WOW**** ....abgefahren!!!! just call me, I´ll join your session ;-))

entry 5659 (03.11.2009 00:15) - daz wrote:
what kind of jeans is gabriel wearing (zipper and button up)? wow they are hot!!!

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